Probhat in MacOS

I have ported the Probhat Layout (a bangla keyboad) in MacOS .

Download link

* Unpack the zip file, there will be two files “Probhat.icns” and “Probhat.keylayout”.
* Paste these two files in “Macintosh HD/Library/Keyboard Layouts/” or “Home/Library/Keyboard Layouts/”, which will install the keyboard layout.

* Go to “System Preferences” > “International” > “Input Menu” scroll down and make sure that “Probhat” is checked.

* Make sure Show input menu in menu bar is checked, default English layout will be highlighted in the menu bar.

* Now click on “Keyboard Shortcuts” and in the “Input Menu” section put your desired keyboard shortcut that will enable you to change the keyboard layout (Our choice was Alt+Space).

* Now while typing in any application, pressing Alt+Space will switch to Probhat Layout and Probhat layout symbol will be highlighted in the menu bar.