bookmark_borderDebian on MacBook Pro 2015 with custom kernel 5.9-rc5

I was trying to install kernel 5.9-rc5 manually in my mid-2015 MacBook Pro, but the graphics did not work. I could only boot using nomodeset.

It was due to:

You can download patch from

  • debian/patches/features/x86/intel-iommu-add-option-to-exclude-integrated-gpu-only.patch
  • debian/patches/features/x86/intel-iommu-add-kconfig-option-to-exclude-igpu-by-default.patch

apply patch on your kernel:

patch -p1 < LOCATION/intel-iommu-add-option-to-exclude-integrated-gpu-only.patch

patch -p1 < LOCATION/intel-iommu-add-kconfig-option-to-exclude-igpu-by-default.patch

configure and compile your kernel:

$ make menuconfig
$ make bindeb-pkg